Google Files Patent for In-Car Gesture Recognition

The term “in-car gesture” is more commonly known for communicating disapproval for the drivers around you via a middle finger. But Google wants to change that, and has filed a patent for gesture-based in-car controls. Much the same way that Xbox Kinect works, this system would allow the driver to control elements of the automobile with nothing but a hand gesture. Google recently acquired a motion control company called Flutter, and this was apparently the impetus behind the acquisition. According to a report by engaget, the system employs a dash mounted laser scanner and a depth camera in the ceiling of the cabin of the vehicle. The two sensors would combine to determine the gesture being enacted, which could range from swiping to roll down the window to pointing at the radio to turn up the volume. RELATED: Government Shutdown Means No Recalls Whether national safety agencies determine if this feature is actually safe enough is another matter entirely. Besides, with the government shutdown, there would be no one to give gesture tech a green light. Time will tell just how and when this technology would become a reality in road cars. Image Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office