Porsche 911 Racecar Goes Airborne, Lands on Wall Inches from Cameraman [video]

Auto racing can be a very dangerous activity. The high speeds make for high-stakes crashes, and even modern safety equipment can’t account for everything. Take, for instance, a crash at this weekend’s American Le Mans Series race at Virginia International Raceway. Two cars hit the wall; one went airborne, missing race workers and a cameraman by mere inches. The crash occurred when two Porsche 911s were coming down a straight, with drivers Eduardo Cisneros and Marco Holzer jockeying of the same piece of real estate. Cisneros was leading the GTC class at the time, and may have thought Holzer would have relinquished his ground going into the turn. At any rate, when they connect, they both loose traction and head sailing straight for the tire wall. Watch what happens here when they meet the wall:
Holzer smacks the wall hard enough to lose his right rear wheel, but Cisneros is the one who is really taken for a ride. His Porsche goes airborne and flips, before landing on top of the safety wall. Incredibly the flag workers, cameraman, and Cisneros, all managed to walk away unscathed. RELATED: Porsche 964 RSR Crashes in Concrete Barrier and Flips into the Water [video]