Manual Corvette Stingray Burns A 12.47-Second Quarter-Mile [video]

Hennessey was the first to put a brand-new Corvette Stingray (without any tuning or modifications) through its paces on the quarter mile. With the Stingray's 12.23-second run @ 114.88 mph, it was an impressive run straight from the factory to the drag strip. The only problem is that it was an automatic. The driver didn't even have to lift his left foot once. Road Test TV got their hands on a bone-stock Corvette Stingray, equipped with a 7-speed manual transmission, and took to the drag strip. At 12.47 seconds, the manual Stingray proves to be a hair slower than its automatic counterpart. So this begs the question: which would you rather own? Watch the 1/4-mile run here:
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