VW Up! Gets the Slammed Treatment

If you don't know what the "slammed" movement is, here's a quick overview: take your car to insanely low heights, tack on a set of dished wheels — viola! you're now part of the "in" crowd. It's one of the latest crazes in the industry, and it virtually has no limits.

Take this, for example; Adam Hamill of the UK was searching for the perfect car to mod out to the extreme. Rather than opting for a VW Golf, or classic Lupo, Adam decided that he would go in a different direction; something that's a little more modern, but can still make a statement.

VW Up! Gets the Slammed Treatment

Thus, the idea for a slammed new Up! was born. After a few sleepless nights waiting on his ride to arrive, he fit a new Hydro suspension after only 675 miles, and soon after that, ordered a set of Schmidts TH Lines wheels, finding the perfect tires to match. While Adam says he still has a lot of work to go on the car, it's interesting to see that the Up! is already garnering a bit of a cult following fresh off the factory floor. We like it, keep doing what you're doing, Adam.  

Source: ILoveBass

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