Government Shutdown Means No Auto Recalls

It seems like no matter where you turn, people are talking about the Government shutdown, and with good reason. But there is one aspect that you had probably not considered as part of the shutdown. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration will not be operating. recalls. The NHTSA is the organization that tests vehicles, issues recalls and helps craft safety regulations. During this shutdown, it will be doing none of that. According to the New York Times report, the agency has “suspended vehicle safety activities.” Those actives consist of crash testing vehicles, reviewing incoming information on possible defects, researching into new safety technology, and work on new safety regulations (some of those are mandated by congress). RELATED: Audi (Still) Battling NHSTA Over Lighting Tech  So is it the Wild West? Can automakers start putting child seats on roofs and missile launchers on doors? Hell no! Sure, an automaker that may have been unaware of a defect will now go unscathed, but for many automakers trying to put through new technologies (like Audi’s new lighting systems), all efforts have been put on hold until the NHTSA gets back to work. RELATED: Lamborghini Crash Test Footage Image Source: IIHS