Range Rover Crashes Through NYC Motorcycle Rally [w/video]

One cause of road rage is the fact that people think they are immune to the repercussions of their actions because they are protected by a metal and glass, and can simply drive away. But what about when you can’t simply drive away? Sunday afternoon, the owner of this Range Rover found out just how real the repercussions of road rage could get. Originally posted on LiveLeak, the Daily Mail followed up with some more information regarding the incident. The hemet cam footage shows motorcycles swarming around the Range Rover, then the driver of the Range Rover bumping into the bike in front of it. This caused the entire group to come to a halt, blocking the driver. See what happens after in the video below:
According to reports the driver feared for his life -- and that of the five-year-old also in the car -- which caused him to barrel through the group, taking out some riders. The group alleges a fatality, but NYPD are saying the only injury was to the driver when the group caught up to try and assault him. I’ve seen groups of bikers come to a stop like this before, and so have police departments. They likely have little patience for the biker group that was involved in these events, and are likely to be more sympathetic to the driver of the Range Rover. Let us know what you think of this whole incident in the comments below. RELATED: Lamborghini Aventador Splits in Half During Crash [w/video]