'Need For Speed' Trailer Features Multiple Burning, Flipping Supercars [video]

Simply put, Ron Howard’s Rush is about to raise the bar on what a car movie can and should be, undoing decades of countless bad car films. That's put some serious pressure on any car film debuting soon, including the impending Need For Speed movie. And we now have our first full trailer for the video game-based film. RELATED: Top 10 Racing Movies (Not Including Senna) The trailer sports some really epic (and insanely rare) supercars. Can you spot the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport? How about the McLaren P1, Koeniggseg Agera R, Saleen S7 or Lamborghini Sesto Elemento? See if you can spot these cars and more in the trailer below:
RELATED: Ron Howard's Rush, A BoldRide Movie Review Just remember, there have been some REALLY bad car movies over the years, so this probably won’t be the worst. However it is a car movie based on a car video game, so we probably won’t be getting Citizen Kane on four wheels. What we should get is a fun racing movie with the acting chops of Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad.