F1 Driver Picks Up 'Hitchhiker' at Singapore GP [w/video]

With the soon-to-be-everywhere ‘Rush’ showcasing how F1 drivers used to be far more reckless, the main critique of modern Formula 1 drivers is that they are too robotic and have less personality. We suppose that’s what makes this seemingly innocuous lift by Fernando Alonso so much more entertaining. In the final lap of the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull driver Sebastian was on his way to his third win in a row. His teammate, Mark Webber wasn’t doing so well. His car was dying on him in the final laps, and though he made every effort to make it back to the pits, the car caught fire and he was forced to ditch it in the last lap. That’s when things got interesting. RELATED: See More Racing Videos Following the race, Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso picked up Webber in the cool down lap, and gave the fellow driver a ride back to the pits, as you can see in the video below (skip to 1:00 mark):
Webber and Alonso were both penalized for this action, which Webber publicly criticized on Twitter. According to Yahoo, the driver also posted a montage of instances when a driver has given a lift to a comrade without penalization. Frankly, we think F1 needs to lighten up. Image Source: formula1.com