The weather, the scenery, the lack of crowds, the deals and the 'feel.'

A road trip is one of the quintessential American driving experiences. Your excursion might take you along the coast, down a gently winding mountain road, or on a classic stretch of asphalt like Route 66. No matter what adventure you choose, nothing matches the sheer pleasure of seeing the countryside from behind the wheel of an automobile. Here are five reasons why autumn is the ideal time to hit the highway.

The weather. A convertible is usually the ride of choice for a road trip. But having the top down during summer has its own set of problems, like exposure to blistering heat. Take your drive in September or October, however, and you’ll feel a crisp breeze on your face and gentle rays of sunshine on your shoulders. This is especially true if you’re motoring through the northeast or down a mountainous route like the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The scenery. This will of vary depending on where you’re at. Cruising through south Texas around Halloween, for example, will show you nothing but Gila monsters and cacti. Choose New England, however, and you’ll be treated to colors so rich and warm that you’ll think you’re driving through heaven. There are plenty of spots around the Appalachian, Ozark, and other mountain ranges where you’ll find this same kind of beauty.

5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time of Year for Scenic Driving

The crowds – or lack thereof. Who doesn’t go on vacation in the summer? Resort owners can tell you just how busy they are from June through August. Imagine yourself creeping along behind a massive RV for 100 miles. Sound like fun? Of course not. That’s why fall, with its smaller crowds, offers an experience that summertime just can’t match.

The deals. As with many other things about fall, this can vary widely depending on where you’re at. Nonetheless, in many areas the masses flee at the first hint of cooler weather. This can allow you to score some major savings on lodging, meals, and attractions.

The "feel." This is pretty abstract, we admit. But there’s just something about a fall drive that makes it special. Don’t ask us to explain; you either know what we mean or you don’t.

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