Jaguar XJ220 Gets Down and Dirty on the Farm [video]

YouTube user "TaxTheRich100" is easily one of our most favorite people on the internet. The man (or woman?) takes hold of some of the most bodacious supercars around, and hoons them to no end. A Ferrari Enzo WRC-style, a Bentley going off-roading, and now, a Jaguar XJ220 sprinting through the farm a la the jungle cat of which it was named. At points, it's a little hard to watch. A six-figure supercar being tossed around haphazardly in the grass and gravel. But deep in our hearts, we know this is the way these cars were meant to be driven (although maybe not on the grass). At any rate, we salute you, "TaxTheRich100." Keep doing what you're doing. Check out the video below:
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