Don't be too hard on the owner of this 1995 Toyota Supra turbo. He bought it in 2001 and enjoyed driving it for approximately 10 years before his family began to grow. According to this new WD Detailing video, it was parked in the backyard around 2011, and that's where it stayed until recently, when the owner decided to give it some much-needed love.

The video opens with the red Supra sunk into the dirt, surrounded by trash bags scattered throughout the yard. Moss is clearly visible on the Mk4's beefy backside, and caked-on dirt covers the sports car's rocker panels. The dirt looks like mud splatter, possibly from heavy rains turning the ground into a muddy soup over the years. The glass is filthy, the interior is moldy, and there's significant clearcoat damage on the Supra's iconic wing. An inspection sticker on the windshield is dated 2011, supporting the claim that it's been parked for well over a decade.

Once back at the shop, additional evidence of this Supra's lengthy slumber is revealed. The brake rotors look like rusted pizza pans, and the calipers are too corroded to be restored with a simple cleaning. Gobs of leaves are pulled from the underbody cover at the front, and two mouse nests are removed from the cargo area at the back. More rodent leftovers are pulled from behind the hood insulation, which looks all but destroyed by critters. A particularly creepy moment comes when the gas door is opened, revealing a cluster of live ants. Apparently, there was a small colony taking refuge around the filler neck. Yikes.

Of course, those who've seen WD Detailing videos know how this story ends. After several passes with various cleaners and polishes, the old Toyota looks pretty darn good. Sadly it doesn't look great—years of neglect damaged portions of the paint, and some of the interior plastics are faded. There's damage to the leather seats, and some stains in the carpet just won't come out. They try to start the 2JZ, but the engine doesn't like old gas. It turns over cleanly, but doesn't come close to firing up.

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Still, it's left in far better condition than it was, and it's a good starting point for the owner to either do a full restoration, or simply fix the mechanicals and get it back on the road. Considering these Supras are now worth serious cash, hopefully he won't return it to the backyard while he decides his next steps.

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