How Tesla Builds a Model S

The New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. assembly plant, also known as NUMMI was a revolutionary venture between General Motors and Toyota to produce two brands of vehicles under the same roof. When Tesla announced it would be acquiring the facility to produce its all-electric Model S, it would be carrying on a tradition of American built vehicles, but we had no idea just how advanced the facility was until checking out this behind-the-scenes video of the plant. PHOTOS: See more of the 2015 Tesla Model R Concept It is impressive to see that all the vehicle’s body parts are created and assembled under one roof. Rolls of aluminum allow for the creation of any body part, and the body creation unit cranks out a new part every 5 seconds.
There are a total of 160 robots, and the most impressive is probably the unit that can pick up a driver or front passenger seat, snake it through the car to place it, then swap out tools to install the window. It’s all very impressive, and along with the 3,000 human employees, it allows Tesla to build a Model S in a scant 3-5 days, showcasing the power of production efficiency. PHOTOS: See more of the Tesla Model X SUV