Racers Drift Through Detroit's Ruins

Is it a metaphor? Perhaps. The city may be in bankruptcy and the Joneses may have moved out a long time ago, but there is a new resurgence in Detroit. It is marked by an influx of artists and artisans coming for the cheap rent to set up their workshops. One symbol of this dichotomy is the urban garden tended to in front of the Michigan Central Depot. The deserted train station was also host to an up and coming motorsport- drifting. Though the train station has been deserted since the 1980s, various groups have found uses for the real estate it sits on. The latest is the Midwest Drift Union, which descended upon the Depot as part of its “Streets of Detroit” tour. They even brought in a camera-equipped aerial drone, and you can see the results here:
The winner was Plymouth, Michigan-native Mike Skudlarek, 22, at the helm of a General-Motors LS3 V8-powered Nissan 240 SX, further underscoring the old and new of Detroit, as a place where the past never leaves, but is okay for new ideas to be ‘imported.' VIDEO: Ford Fiesta ST Race Car Detroit Rallycross Test