Corvette Stingray Reviews Start To Roll In

For reasons unknown, we weren't invited to the first drive of the all-new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, which took place only this past weekend. Probably because we'd embarrass everyone with our superb driving abilities. But a few lucky journalists did manage to get behind the wheel of the latest-and-greatest 455-hp 'Vette (equipped with the Z51 performance package) before anyone else...and they hooned it to no end. I wouldn't say everyone fell in love with the new Stingray right away. But yeah, they pretty much did. Watch some of the reviews below, starting with the review:
Then there's the Car and Driver first drive:
But not to be outdone by the Motor Trend first-look program "Ignition." The glossy mag's online video department actually got some extended one-on-on time with the car, and created perhaps the most thorough glimpse of the car to-date:
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