Octane Academy Gives Drivers A Shot At Going Pro

If you find yourself singing in the car, you may fancy yourself ready for one of those shows like “America’s Got Talent,” or “The Voice,” but if you have a knack for driving like a pro in the car, there is an entirely different contest that you may be interested in. The Octane Academy takes a group of amateur drivers that have varying skill levels in different realms of motorsport, and put them through a series of competitions to see who will be the champion, and get a chance to train with the pros. Now in its second season, Octane Academy isn’t your typical game show. Drivers from across the country have assembled, and the season starts out with The Draft. Co-hosts Ken Block, Tanner Fours, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Brian Deegan each select the drivers that they want to compete. In all, 24 amateur drivers were selected to be put through the test. You can watch the entire episode of “The Draft” here.
In the second episode, "Camp Foust" contestants come under the tutelage of two-time Global RallyCross champion and three-times X Games gold medalist as they learn to take the Ford Focus ST to its limits in a series of competitions. For some it meant elevating their craft to another gear, for others it was disappointment. Taking a perfect line through a turn is one thing, but executing a successful drift is a completely different beast. That is where Vaughn Gittin Jr. comes in. The Formula Drift champion knows a thing or two about getting a car sideways, and the contestants do it in a Ford Mustang GT, check out ep. 3, “Camp Gittin” here. Thousands may have applied, but only 24 made the cut, and of those, even less would make it through the rigors of "Camp Deegan." The two-time Lucas Oil Off Road Champion and X Games gold medalist is an expert in all things dirt. In this episode, contestants get behind the wheel of the SVT Raptor, and with great power comes great challenges. Each camp gets one representative for the season finale later this year. The winner of the Octane Academy is awarded every driver’s dream, a Ford Racing scholarship, a chance to train with one of these four pros, entrance into an elite driver training school, oh yeah, and a brand new car. Who will win Octane Academy? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!