Watch The Stig Drive Around a 130MPH Honda Lawn Mower

Some say, he's never once fantasized about Mark Walhberg- all we know is, he's called the Stig, and this is him behind the wheel of a 130 mph Honda-powered lawn mower. Around (and, um, in the infield of) the Nurburgring, no less. Built with some spare time by Honda engineers in partnership with British touring car championship partner Team Dynamics, the super-mower comes with a 1.0-liter motorcycle engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm. Other upgrades include new radiators, intercoolers, suspension off an ATV, a six-speed gearbox and a sport exhaust system. All this powering this lawn-monster to 60 mph in only four seconds. Even more impressive, it still manages to cut grass when it's not cutting up the 'Ring. Watch and learn:
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