Auto-X Driver Proposes to Girlfriend in Epic Fashion [video]

More often than not, marriage proposals come to fruition in some of the cheesiest ways possible. Waterfalls and rainbows and kittens and it's adorable and all well and good. But hands-down, for this autocrossing super-couple, the phrase, "I want you to be my co-driver for life," was one of the most awesomely adorable proposals we've ever seen. With his co-driver and future wife-to-be Maggie in the passenger seat, Jake barreled down the Boston BMWCCA Auto-X course at Moore Airfield in Ayer, MA., and coordinated his proposal to perfection. And thankfully, he was clever enough to catch it all on camera. We wish this happy couple the best, and thanks for the super adorable internet gold you two rascals. Watch the proposal below:
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