NISMO Tunes Result in Taxi Driver Dancing in Street [video]

This happens to you all the time right? You are sitting in traffic in a crowded city street, Daft Punk comes on, and you just have to get up and dance? That was apparently the natural reaction of this Dublin taxi driver. While stopped on Dame Street, this cab driver was confronted with a loaded and celebrating crowd. Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" emanated from speakers, provided by Nissan's Nismo division. A dancing dame chose to directly obscure the driver's path, and then the unexpected happened. The woman ran up to the cab, inviting the driver to come dance, who actually put the car in park and acquiesced. The rest is Internet gold:
We really don't have much to go on, but apparently when you combine a street party with music provided by Nissan's performance wing, the results are impressive. VIDEOS: See more funny auto-related clips