Mechanics Create "Simpsons" Car...For Racing?

If you grew up in the '90s, The Simpsons was appointment television. Even if you were not raised with the familiar faces of Bart and Lisa, you likely have seen plenty of episodes of the original offensive American family (sorry Family Guy). One particular episode remains a classic- "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" In this episode, Homer finds his long lost half-brother, who is the head of a car manufacturer. The brother invites Homer to design a concept car, which ultimately sinks the company. That car was called, "The Homer," and a team of intrepid and creative mechanics have built a life-size replica of this magnificent machine...and now they're going to race it. But where could you race such a ridiculous machine? Why, 24 Hours of LeMons, of course! No, we're not talking about the 24-hour endurance race held this past weekend in France. LeMons races- as the name suggests- are endurance competitions among clunkers (lemons) that can be worth no more than $500. Race organizers do not want anyone to skimp on safety equipment, so the mandatory roll cage and other safety measures do not factor into that $500. Nor do aesthetic efforts like this project, that don't actually improve the performance of the machine.
This is not the first venture in motorsport creativity for the Porcubimmer Motors team. Their original project was, in fact, the "Porcubimmer," and was done up to look like a BMW-turned-hedgehog. The second project was an older BMW in the guise of the haunted movie car "Christine." True Simpsons fans will note the "BORT" license plate, as a reference to an old gag, where Bart can't find his name among license plate key-chains, but manages to find several copies of the aforementioned plate. If you are less concerned with the references, and more interested in how this monstrosity will handle on the track, you can check out "The Homer" at the 24 Hours of LeMons race, Saturday June 29, in Buttonwillow, CA. If you can't make it down, we're pretty sure there will be plenty of photos of this green machine in action. RACING: Read up on more racecars old and new Photo credit: