Did Flo Rida Just Buy a Tramontana XTR?

Knowing Flo Rida and his outrageously lavish taste in supercars (see: gold-wrapped Bugatti Veyron), we're not surprised. If you're unfamiliar, let us bring you up to speed- the Tramontana XTR is a Spanish supercar with an 876-horsepower V12, a body that's about as light as a bag of marshmallows, and a price tag somewhere in the market of $514K. Or as it's more simply known, "the Bugatti Killer." Flo Rida put up this picture of the car on his Instagram with him standing in front of it wearing some questionable leather shorts. The caption reads, "Its levels to this!" whatever that means. All we know is someone's having a good week. PHOTOS: See more of the Tramontana XTR