This Sums Up Everything Terrible About Cyclists [video]

You see them everywhere on the road. Those lycra-clad practice heros of the athletic world. They are cyclists- they travel in packs and they think they are god's gift to the paved world. I'm all for exercise, but like so many things in this world, cycling has become one of those "look at me!" activities, done to be seen rather than for the actual enjoyment of it. Oh yeah, there's one other thing- their activities are a major double standard. As you can see here, some cyclists are apparently on a group ride, which is something that cyclists do when they want to be seen exercising in packs. They are running red light after red light, and then suddenly- wouldn't you know it- a Toyota Prius with the right of way comes slamming through one of the cyclists. Could anything be more embarrassing than to get taken out by a Prius?!
Thankfully, the rider sustained little more than some deep scratches, and hopefully the memory of this event to remind him to obey traffic laws. Taking up a lane of traffic and yet not following the rules of the road is certainly a double standard, but not the most egregious and laughable one here. No, that honor goes to the organizer of the event, Lia Seremetis, who made the following statement:
"Yes this happened WHILE DC Bike Party was happening, but you might notice in the video that there really isn't even evidence of a massive group ride going on-- that is because these guys were speeding up in front of the ride marshals and disobeying the rules. It's extremely unfortunate, and I hope he is alright, but this is what happens when you act like a jerk, and it just plain isn't representative of the 600 plus people who rode with bike party last week and had a great time."
This is entirely unsurprising, but it is no less absurd. These riders showed up for an event, did not follow traffic laws, and the moment something goes wrong, the organizers distance themselves from those not following said traffic laws. When a car runs a red light and hits a cyclist, groups like this one rally together in righteous indignation, but when one of their own is in the wrong, they are cast away as a rebel. VIDEOS: See more crash videos at BoldRide It is perfectly fine for a group of cyclists to organize, but if the president of that group is going to ordain himself the pope of everything with two wheels and a derailleur, he better be ready to speak for EVERY moron cyclist on the road. Until then, perhaps don't ostracize the boneheads of your group, especially when we see cyclists pull this move all the time.