Mitsubishi Evo Crashes at 180 MPH, Drives Home [video]

The tuning world took to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo like a duck takes to water. Shoving thousands- literally thousands- of horsepower into these lightweight sedans, and reaching speeds of near 200 mph, it's no surprise that the mostly affordable import quickly became a vehicle of choice for tuners here in the States. When you have a car capable of such monstrosities then, there's no better application of that horsepower than to race it. And to race it hard. This Evo owner found out first hand what happens when he takes his car maybe a wee bit over the limit. Topping out his Evo VIII at 187 mph, Jason starts to lose it somewhere near 180 mph, but manages to keep it upright as it skids through some dirt and grass. Even better, he drove it back to the pits where he could further assess the damage the Evo took. Good news is, nobody was hurt, and with a little TLC, the Mitsubishi will race again.
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