Mercedes A45 AMG Outmuscles CLS63 in Quarter-Mile [video]

In the realm of all things sane, a 5.5L twin-turbocharged V8 engine should easily outmuscle a 2.0L single-turbo 4-cylinder in a quarter-mile drag race. But in the world of AMG Mercedes, nothing is what it seems. When the mostly adorable, $44K, 355-hp A45 AMG pulled up to the line against the monstrous, $95K, 518-hp CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake, a few folks at AutoExpress were in for quite a shock, including our friend Mat Watson who was behind the wheel. Off the line, the A45 managed to jump on the CLS via its all-wheel-drive system, and amazingly continued on to narrow out the CLS in the quarter-mile. We will say we're surprised- but considering the lighter curb weight and an all-wheel-drive system, paired to AMG's infinite attention to detail on its latest hot hatch, not all that surprised.
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