Pininfarina Sergio Going Into Limited Production

Earlier this year, Italian design firm Pininfarina debuted a stunning concept to honor its late founder with the eponymous Sergio Concept. It featured no windshield, and is a modern take on the classic barchetta formula, and one that few journalists thought would actually make it to production. Well it turns out more than a few auto writers will be eating crow, as the Pininfarina Sergio concept looks as though it will be a road-going reality. According to UK's Autocar, production could be as few as three cars, but will be no more than six. While such a vehicle would have quite the ordeal trying to make it through American regulations, but Pininfarina thinks the Sergio can be modified to UK and Middle Eastern markets. The nose will have to be raised to accommodate UK pedestrian safety regulations, while occupants would have to wear helmets at all times. The Sergio, which is based on the Ferrari 458 Spider, was met with positive reception, though few of those cheering will be able to afford the price, which is estimated between £650,000-£1,300,000 ($1,019,000-$2,038,00). As is the case with limited run hyper-cars with astronomical prices, expect all of these to be spoken for very soon. PHOTOS: See more of the Pininfarina Sergio Concept