Audi Testing Automated Parking, Including Payment!

Audi is becoming something of a leader when it comes to in car technology- but in ways that you may not readily think. While GM loves to tout OnStar, where you can start your car and operate other features from a smartphone, the German luxury brand is focused on bigger issues of the world- from self-driving cars, to now paying your parking fee without the driver having to get his or her hands dirty. According to a report from Autocar, Audi is working on a radio-based system that would let the car take over payment, thus saving time. As part of this time-saving measure, Audi is also working on a way for its cars to park themselves, though the payment system seems more likely for widespread adoption far sooner than a self parking luxury sedan. This report also suggests that as many as 13,000 vehicles could be equipped with the system, and a set-up for widespread use across the Audi lineup of vehicles. That's great, but when it can make me a high-ball and massage my feet for me, then I'll be impressed. PHOTOS: See more Audi photos on BoldRide