Aliens Stole This Ohio Man's Car

Damn aliens, always probing people and stealing cars and being mostly fictional. This Ohio man found out first hand just how pesky these spacemen can be when he told police that "subjects not of this world" told him to drive his car out to the middle of nowhere where they'd pick him up. When the guy got there though, the aliens screwed him over and ditched him out in the middle of nowhere without a ride. Forcing him to walk a number of miles before he could finally get in touch with police and report his vehicle stolen. Allegedly. Even better yet, after police questioned him further, he admitted that this wasn't the first time he'd been taken up to the mothership via his vehicle. That he's been "taken before," but both he and his car usually managed to return in one piece. We'll chalk this one up to drugs and/or psychological instability. Sorry, aliens. Source: New York Daily News