Car Thieves Have New, High Tech Gadgets [video]

In a very puzzling and, frankly disconcerting case, thieves have figured out a new, high-tech way to break into locked cars via a small gadget that requires none of the traditional means of auto theft. While anyone who has watched "Gone In 60 Seconds," may think that technology has been around for a long time, it apparently has law enforcement officials stumped. They have even turned to automakers to try and determine what technology is being used or abused in this case, but have still turned up nothing. In this string of crimes from L.A. to Illinois, different groups of criminals all appear to be using just a simple gadget, perhaps the size of the car's key fob. They all enter from the passenger side of the car, and it also appears that it does not work with all cars. In the video below, it shows thieves getting into Acuras and Hondas with ease, but coming up short on a Ford: Our theory is that these gadgets could be clone key fobs, that are acquired by stealing them from the dealership. It could also be that the thieves are dealership employees, and figured out where an owner lives and had their key fob codes cloned while in for service. We have no proof for this, just a theory. As of right now, the police appear to be just as far as we are in discovering the source of these crimes. VIDEOS: See more car clips on BoldRide