New Website Wants Transparency Over Traffic Cameras

With every new technology comes the opportunity for it to be used for good or for bad. Traffic cameras are a bit of an issue in this sense. On the one hand, they are placed to keep motorists safe and monitor traffic at a given intersection. Yet, according to a report, these installations have a dark side, and one that a new website would like to shed some light on. is a self-proclaimed consumer advocacy site, and is looking to educate the average driver on the downsides of traffic cameras. This includes the fact that studies show an increase in accidents at these intersections and facilitators may be shortening yellow-light durations. What it comes down to is that (like speed traps) the principal here is revenue collection over the actual safety of drivers. Now, this site is hawking various products to combat traffic cams, so it is not the altruistic voice that it is marketing itself as, but the site does make a good point. Are traffic cameras really making things safer for us? Do the companies that make these cameras have a vested interest in more people getting nabbed? Who is losing here? Who is winning? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Image Source: Boca Raton Tribune

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