Buicks Are Not For Cutting Down Trees [video]

If you are not familiar with the Darwin Awards, let this serve as a quick introduction. The award is sardonically announced in honor of an individual who lost his or her life doing something very, very stupid. The rationale being that the herd has been thinned out on the grounds of said stupidity. A future finalist may very well be the driver of this car, attempting to down a tree limb by towing it with a front-wheel drive Buick. Ain't America great!
Now, I'm more of a city-dweller, and have only a little bit of experience with brush clearing, but it seems like they are doing it wrong. This whole ordeal is even more absurd when you consider that half the time, the car was driving across a four-way stop! Now, we never get to see whether the limb falls or not, but the fact that the video ends when the chain is snapped suggests that these good ole' boys may have wisely given up. VIDEOS: See more wild clips on the BoldRide video page