TVR Making a Comeback?

Alright everyone, let's just breathe for a second. I know we're all excited, but there's a few details still to be left out of this "news" from TVR. If you head on over to the TVR website, there's nothing much more to look at, other than the phrase "Never Say Never..." followed by the TVR logo. This whole mysterious aura does seem a bit exciting, but considering TVR ditched the sportscar game to focus on portable wind turbines back in 2012, we're not entirely sure what to expect. Also, some reports dug a little deeper into the issue and learned the page is owned by a certain HomePage Media Ltd.; meaning either TVR employed the site builders, or when the domain expired someone quick-witted fan jumped on it himself. So far folks related to the brand have denied any rumors of a possible comeback, but with the history of the company in place, we would hope to see a new TVR on the road again, if only for a little while. PHOTOS: See more TVR cars