Neo Brothers Reveal Ravishing Saab 96 SS Custom [video]

As we all know, Saab may very well be dead as they sit, but that long-lost Swedish soul still remains very much alive in the heart of enthusiasts. Especially in tuning houses like the UK's Neo Brothers- Saab specialists from the start. Because if you're looking for one word to describe their latest custom: orgasmic. Designed off the look of the classic '74 Saab 96, the SS sits on top of a 2004 9-3 base, sports an added 500+hp under that sharp gorgeous nose and comes with enough wings and flaps and lines to have you sweating for days. As of yet, we're still waiting for some more details and a healthy heaping of photos for you to gawk at, but you can see the full unveiling below and watch the build from start to finish if you head over to the Neo Brothers site.
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