Illegal Drag Race Causes Near-Miss Between Mustang and Porsche [video] [UPDATE]

We don't think this "digitally" re-created drag race turned out exactly how ThatRacingChannel (TRC) had planned it. When one heavily modded out quarter-mile Mustang, met with a mostly standard Porsche 911, it turned more into an insurance issue than a speed run. When the two get on it, the Mustang quickly loses traction- whether it was caused by a blown tire is still yet to be determined- and just barely comes in contact with the Porsche 911. Although, that little knick is sure going to cost the Mustang owner.
Good news is, no one was hurt. And one lucky Mustang owner learned a valuable lesson in traction control. [UPDATE] The video was removed by the user ThatRacingChannel from YouTube altogether. We can't do anything about it. Sorry, all.