Justin Bieber Investigated for Reckless Driving in LA

It's been made clear numerous times that Justin Bieber (aka, The Biebs) is a pretty shitty driver. From his run in with the paparazzi, to letting his friend crash his Fisker. The 19-year-old pop star apparently just does whatever he wants. Like drive recklessly on a street filled with children. Yup, like an a-hole. According to reports, a neighbor- former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson- caught up with Bieber sometime on Monday after he saw him driving his Ferrari recklessly through the wealthy development in the Northern part of town. When Johnson attempted to catch up with the recklss 19-year-old, it was reported that Bieber snuck inside before he was able to be confronted. Rumor has it that the LAPD is working on sending a reckless driving report back to Bieber sometime soon.