Tornado Intercept Vehicle Helps Cameras Get Inside the Storm

With the May 20 tornado ripping through Oklahoma, one cannot help but think of the terrible destruction and loss of life. In all of this, news outlets and other groups bring the news of these tragedies as best they can. One element you may not consider is- how do they get the incredible footage from close to (or even inside) a massive tornado? That is where storm chasers come in. Meteorologist and videographers who willingly put themselves in harm's way so that we at home can watch the stunning footage on the evening news. One such storm chaser is Sean Casey. His ride, the Tornado Intercept Vehicle is a 15,000-pound armored transport. Originally built for his film Tornado Alley, It was custom designed to carry an IMAX camera into the center of a tornado. You can see a CNN interview with Casey here, where they discuss the vehicle: What they don't tell you, is that it is based on a Ram 3500 pickup, converted to six-wheel-drive. It is powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engine, with a conversion that allows it to run on a water and propane injection. We've reached out to Casey to find out more about this incredible vehicle, so stay tuned for more on this wild ride! Image Credit: Tornado Alley