Man Builds BMW-Powered Rat Rod [video]

A "Rat Rod" is a lot like a hot rod, but rather than restore to impecable condition, one simply must get the engine running and keep the body in its original, weathered look. Considering that the cars are also slammed to the ground and the chassis is heavily modified, rat rods are less the vintage jeans of the automotive world, and more of the acid washed jean shorts- and we mean that in the best way possible. But even for rat rods, this machine is quite the rarity, as the engine bluging out of the fuselage is no flathead Ford V8, but an eight-cylinder BMW powerplant. One-of-a-kind is a bit of an understatement. Mike Burroughs knows his way around a garage, and had previously worked on an E9 BMW, but says he wanted to do something to "stand out." He started by purchasing a 1928 Ford Model A rolling chasis for $2,200. But Burroughs is a self-proclaimed BMW guy, and wanted to factor that into the custom vehicle. As such, he sourced the 1995 BMW 740's 4.0-liter V8. With 300 horsepower, that is more than enough to move the scant 1500-pound rat rod. You can read all about the build process at Stance Works, but in the meantime, you can ogle this video with a BMW mill protruding absurdly from the custom ride: