At least for now

 The world of the electric car is a tricky one for many. As a number of automakers have yet to crack the formula that breeds power, efficiency, and most importantly- cold hard cash, all into one viable package, Audi has ditched any plans at an R8 EV. At least for now.

With 10 R8 e-trons originally built, Audi says that all of which won't be given out to the general public anytime soon, but rather, kept home for further testing. This coming after Audi told Autocar that the battery technology that they had hoped would be successful, just wasn't as good as they thought it could be.

Audi Ditches R8 e-tron, Batteries to Blame

Along with lack of engineering for the battery packs, Audi says that the price point of which is just too high to find themselves at any sort of profit. There's no official word on when- if ever- the R8 e-tron will go into production.