Learn To Be a Mechanic With Augmented Reality iPad App [video]

Learning how to maintain, repair and even upgrade your car can be a very rewarding experience. But breaking into it and getting your hands dirty for the first time can also seem quite daunting. Opening the hood and seeing the plethora of moving parts may be like trying to learn a new language without a textbook. The folks at Inglobe Technologies agree, and have created a solution in the form of an augmented reality iPad app. Check out the video below to see how it works.
The app can track and identify key components of the engine bay in real-time, clearly labeling the parts for the automotive neophyte. It also provides 3D demonstrations of how to perform certain maintenance tasks. The plastic covers of engines in new cars are glaring suggestions that the automaker would like you to bring your car into the dealership for maintenance,  but we say its time to take control and learn how to perform basic tasks. It is helpful and can even save you money!