Daft Punk Drives the Lotus F1 Car [video]

Do not adjust your monitor (or tablet). That is, indeed, Thomas Bangalter– or half of the electronic music gods known as Daft Punk. If you haven't heard, the duo recently released a new album, which has been melting eardrums the world over. To celebrate, Daft Punk's record label, Columbia leveraged its role as part owner of the Lotus F1 team to promote the new album. The Punk-ified racer ran at this past weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. In addition to the fresh livery, which includes images of Bangaleter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in their iconic helmets, a video trailer was created, celebrating the partnership:
This video just furthers the connection, postulated by yours truly, of the connection between Daft Punk and cars. Oh and if you were wondering, the soundtrack in this teaser is "Giorgio by Moroder," which is track three from the new album, dubbed Random Access Memories.