Fisker May Survive, With Help From an Unlikely Place

In the green car industry, not every player gets as rosy a primrose path as Elon Musk and Tesla. No, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to survive in this game. That is a lesson the Henrik Fisker is learning now, as he seeks to keep his namesake company alive via help from a Hong Kong Tycoon. If you recall, Fisker left his company in March of this year, amid claims that he strongly disagreed with the direction in which the company was headed. Now, with Fisker (the man) on the outs, and Fisker (the company) bankrupt, the former is teaming up with Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li. Oh, and at the same time Bob Lutz is looking to buy the company (but to fit them with GM V8 engines). The plot has, indeed, thickened. There are legal complications, like the matter of the $171 million Dept of Energy loan, which it has not yet repaid. It is unclear if the dept will be waived in the name of saving the company, but according to the Automotive News report, the DOE will only be able to recover pennies on the dollar. So while this news of life at Fisker is good for green car fans, it may come at a loss to taxpayers in the long run.