SRT Viper Heading to Europe, Sort Of

We told you back in January that those stinky Europeans wouldn't be getting their hands on the all-new Viper. And, well, as far as Chrysler is concerned- they're still not. But GeigerCars- a German-based outlet for American cars abroad- thinks otherwise. Taking up where Chrysler left off, GeigerCars hopes to import any number of serpents to the motherland, but all at a price of €139,900 ($180,930)- nearly double of what the Viper is going for here in the states ($97,395). Good news is, for that $200K, you still get the monstrous 8.4L V10 found standard in every Viper, complete with 640-hp and a six-speed manual transmission. Doesn't sound so bad after all, does it Europe? Source: Auto Motor und Sport