Opel Taunts VW Faithful at Worthersee Festival [video]

As with any Worthersee gathering, hoards of VW faithful clamber of GTIs and Sciroccos like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. And like most of the drunken faithful, the devil has a name and wears a lightning bolt- Opel. At this year's event, Opel (or someone who won't admit to it) had a bit of fun with the liquored up crowd. Prior to the grandiose fireworks spectacular, a few helping hands dished out 3D glasses to the unsuspecting crowd, the final result left them seeing Opel everywhere, literally. As the sky lit up, the glasses projected an image of the Opel logo to the many a curious onlookers. Some took the joke with a smirk, others, well, lived up to their "cult" status and burned the evil glasses to the ground.
Opel one, Volkswagen douches, zero.