Product Tank Concept is a City Car for Octogenarians

You know what's too bad about new cars? They kind of all look the same. Well there is no worry about that happening with the Product Tank Concept. The concept, which is a 1/3 scale model made from plywood, is meant to be operated by old people. Seeing how the elderly can be quite dangerous when behing the wheel of a 1991 Buick Land Yacht, we're in favor of this smaller approach. The creator of the Tank Concept said that he watched his grandfather struggle to get out of the car every time he would stop by, and decided the best thing was to design a car that was easier for ingress and egress. (Would it have killed him to drive to his grandfather's rather than the other way around?) The concept is electric powered and it made of a combination of plywood and scrap, which is quite resourceful. Regardless of the target demographic, the idea of a more recycled vehicle wins in our book any day. PHOTOS: See more of the 2013 Product Tank Concept