Mitsuoka Le Seyde is an Import We Can Get Behind

If you have never heard of the automaker Mitsuoka, you would be forgiven, but the Japanese automaker is known for making, er, unique automobiles. They are primarily a coachbuilder, and create increasingly eccentric vehicles, inspired by 50's and 60's British cars, and craft these designs onto a modern chassis. One of their more tasteful creations is the Mitsuoka Le Seyde, seen here, If we're calling this tasteful, you should see the rest of the lineup. To own a car like this, one must be an outgoing individual, as exemplified by the custom paint scheme seen here. We often flinch at the idea of a new automaker coming to the US for new sales (cough-cough, Chinese cars, cough-cough), but this here is an automaker that we could totally appreciate coming to our shores. A modern Deusenberg-look-alike that is based on a Nissan? Sign us up!