Could Honda Power an Entry-Level McLaren?

In the world of F1 racing, Honda recently made public its plans to partner with McLaren and provide engines for the upcoming season. That's all well and good. But digging a bit deeper, could it be possible that a de-tuned turbocharged V6's soon be found in an entry level McLaren? New reports from Motor Trend seem to think so. For McLaren, rather than go through the hassle of engine development themselves, it would make more sense for the automaker to turn to Honda (on a much grander scale) and entertain the idea of a V-Tec 6-cylinder under the bonnet. This smaller V6 also drops the idea of a single V8 found throughout the entire model range- tuned and detuned ranging from the entry-level P13 to the top-end P1. Naturally, we take all these reports with a grain of salt. But if one did have an idea for a smaller, lighter, 911-rivaling McLaren, Honda might just be the engine manufacturer to turn to.