Nurburgring Race Track Reportedly Selling for $170M

It's not everyday that one would have the opportunity to buy a race track, let alone one of the most famous circuits in the world; the Nurburgring. But lo and behold, with the 86-year-old track amidst financial troubles as of 2012- leading to bankruptcy in July of that year- new reports from Autoweek suggest it can now be yours for a measly $170 million (€132 million). As part of the deal, any interested buyers must make themselves known by June 12th. Whomever does grab hold of the 'Ring, must also keep in line with the current guidelines of public access, and of course, continually hosting same racing series' the track sports every year. With an annual generated income of about $80 million (€62 million), with some proper management and financials sorted out, theoretically, the buyer could see a profitable return. But there's not a lot of other details regarding the sale as of yet, so we'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as any news breaks.