Jeep Grand Wagoneer Coming Back as Three-Row SUV

If you had to go through the entire history of Jeep, it is really hard to pick a favorite. Sure, the easier answer is the Wrangler, but many more love the previous Cherokee. Still more love the CJ-7, Scrambler, Commanche, and Renegade of the past. If there is anything that Jeep does better than name its vehicles it is making them, and one of the most desirable SUVs of its time was the Grand Wagoneer– a big ute that is set to make a comeback. Jeep is on a bit of a role as of late. The American SUV brand recently built its one millionth current-generation Wrangler, and the new Grand Cherokee is receiving both praise and solid sales numbers. We now have word that Jeep might be bringing back the Grand Wagoneer as a three row SUV based on the Dodge Durango platform. The Grand Wagoneer would replace the lackluster Commander, which sold only 80K units in five years of production. The Grand Wagoneer could be ready as soon as the 2015 model year. PHOTOS: See more of the 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer