Norwegian Lexus LFA Owner Has Pesky Speed Bump Removed

Aside from copious amounts of cocaine and prostitutes, owning a Lexus LFA has plenty of other perks. Like the power to remove unwanted speed bumps when they unnervingly block your path from Oslo, Norway to Stavanger, Norway- about a 553 km (343 mile) trek. At least that's what one owner did. Properly mapping out the trip beforehand, Rune Berge- owning one of just 500 LFAs- found that a single speed bump located in his local neighborhood would be too insurmountable for a supercar which only sits 11cm off the ground. Ringing up his local municipal technical department, the team was kind enough to go ahead and gracefully remove said pesky speed bump before he arrived back home. Sigh…the perks of being wealthy… Source: TV2 via GTSpirit