Video: Kanye West's Aventador Slams Kim Kardashian's Wooden Gate

In the life of a celebrity, Kanye West is having a pretty shitty week if you ask him. He first found his face on the opposite end of a street sign, and now his prized $750,000 matte black Lamborghini Aventador was seen getting almost trapped in Kim Kardashian's electric gate. Ouch. While returning home from a service, the Aventador- driven by a service driver, mind you- fell headlong into a set of heavy wooden gates and managed to get a bit scuffed up. According to TMZ the repair shop in possession of the car didn't hesitate to send out someone to fix the damage (hopefully before Kanye found out). We can't say that a run in with a street sign and a scuffed up Aventador is a terrible day in the life of the average joe- but hell hath no fury like a Kanye scorned.
Source: Splash News