BMW Shatters Drift Record With 51 Mile Skid [w/video]

For all you wannabe drifters out there, listen up- this is how you drift, LIKE A BOSS. BMW test driver Johan Schwartz just smashed the world record for drifting by a distance of…wait for it…47.71 of sideways fury. It was all done in a stock M5. The previous record of a measly 3.568 miles set only back in February in Abu Dhabi was mercilessly demolished, as Schwartz completed 322.5 laps around a center skid pad making for the world record 51.278 mile skid. But don't think all this drift madness was just for fun. After the new world record, BMW and sponsor SYNNEXX raised over $20,000 in donations for the BMW Charity Pro-Am, which lends its hand to over 150 different charities. Watch below as BMW tops of its latest world record