Video: Bald Eagles Attack a Nissan Pickup Truck

If you've ever been to Alaska you'd know that it's the closest thing to the frontier we have left in these good 'ol 50 states. Thus, when you go out to your local grocery store to pick up some fish filets, don't be surprised when you come back to find a aerie of bald eagles surrounding your vehicle looking for a free meal. One man in Unalaska, Alaska was just this unlucky. He left his Nissan Titan pickup filled to the brim with groceries which soon became victim to a bunch of hungry bald eagles.
Eventually the police were called in to break up the feast, but not before the birds managed to fly off with most of the goods. (Fun fact, in addition to "aerie," a group of Eagles can also be called a "convocation", a "jubilee", a "soar" or a "tower," You're welcome.)